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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Life…After

My life has been altered tremendously in the last four months. In December I graduated and shortly after I moved back homeSad smile . Its only sad because I am in a isolated stage of life seeking direction. Within these four months I have fought the idea of me simply being a educated bum. I have looked for jobs don’t get me wrong but I am waiting. Along with job searching I should be prepping for my GRE exam but I have not gotten as far as I should have..-_- Its like I'm stuck in the twilight zone.

So I decided that I should blog more. Its so easy to get content in indolence at first its euphoric but then I noticed that I missed not having nothing to do or anything due. I went to an workshop at my 1st school and it felt good to be in a classroom Smile Mainly I noticed it was the sense of purpose that I missed. My identity all my life has been school this is my first break , my first time not actually having a spring break! I'm freaked out some what bc it makes me feel old. My Life = School , and now that part of my life has passed and  I am struggling embracing my freedom properly.

At first I was loving the limitless possibilities to not having classes, papers, mid-terms, group projects,and finals to drain the life out of me but then I realized I was passed my month of chill time I should be employed. Then I slipped into the bum stage and Netflix became my bestie lmbo don’t tell my inner circle …btw I miss my friends!!!

So I will make a list and we shall count them down together of my progress hopefully I will carry this through *shrugs*

  • Study Daily
  • China Report
  • Graduation Report
  • Loc Report!

Ok I have bits and pieces of all of these I just need to commit to finishing it! I have a lot to catch up on but I figured those who are reading it can text me lol so it was not that crucial. I will try to get more blogger savvy yall bare with me until next time deuces!


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