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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Passing THROUGH the storm…


For a while now I have been experiencing a series of events that has troubled me in many different ways but after been oppressed with the pressure of my circumstances I later remembered that what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. Another issue with what I have been facing is that it seemed somewhere along the way I lost my focus and soon after the Godly perspective went with it. I became narrow minded and the only thing I could see was my issues. I didn’t care that all things worked together for my good I was just tired of going through. So after a few pity parties, much crying, a break down, and me being tired of being tired I figured out some things. These things did not change my situation it simply just changed the way I was thinking. About a year ago I was traveling at night coming from a conference. I was about 10mins from home when a tornado came down, I had to drive so slow bc I could not see in front of me and the winds and rain made it extremely harder for me to drive. YALL I couldn’t even see the yellow lines! There was about ten mins. where I had to pull over because it was that bad. Now during this whole storm I was just praising God and worshiping Him and this is what kept me calm and focused. Once I reached home about 45-60min later the storm had passed and I was able to see the damage and debris that was left from the storm I had just went through. If we stay focused on God and nothing else but doing our part and worshiping while going through you will be able to look back to see what you have survived and say I came out without any harm!!! Matter fact yall I did even know I was driving through a tornado until I got home saw trees that were uprooted and split houses that had been damaged; the power was out the entire night into the next day. I could tell you more details but I do not want you to lose sight of the importance and substance of this post. A year later this year God had to remind me of this event and I smiled and I felt it was necessary for me to share. Understand you do not have to experience something to learn and practice wisdom. I do not have control over my situations and this troubled me, however now I can truly say that I may not have any control over my past neither my future but I do control right now and it is vital that I remain focused while I am going through this process…Growing pains hurt but we all need to grow.

I Am learning…not to be so quick to forget what God has done not only indirectly but directly for me. I thank God I have my own experience to add along with Peter’s. Peter was fine as long as he was focused on the Lord. Remember what you have been through and let that encourage you through your next trial in life’s journey.

I found this  video on my homepage on facebook as I was writing this and it confirms so much hope this all blesses you!


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